Home Deco – Tile Trends in 2019

I don’t know about you, but I love anything related to interior design especially when it comes to working on my own projects.

And how to end the year better if not with some home improvement plans for 2019?

In my vision 2019 should be all about fresh, light colors that reflect and bring more brightness to all rooms, especially kitchen and living room, and high quality products. And by high quality products I would refer to paint, wooden floors, furniture and tiles for both kitchen and bathroom.

Our latest project at home is changing the kitchen furniture and I will tell you more about that in a future post. But what we realized when picking out the design and colors is that it all ties to the kitchen backsplash. We opted for a metro tile white with black joints for cool contrast. It was hard to decide, but this classic version might make things easier when trying to redesign things around it.

Surely there are so many other fashionable options to take into consideration, so I wanted to talk a bit about Tile trends in 2019

Metallic glass tiles

These are super cool especially when talking about a modern or de-luxe style. The faceted tiles and shiny finish make them perfect for a glam kitchen, bathroom or even as an accent in the living room or bed room. I would use them even just as a decoration without a certain purpose because they are so beautiful, like a piece of jewelry.

mosaic tiles glass tiles

Chevron and Arabesque patterns

These are very elegant and pricey choices but they are worth every penny if you take a seat and just admire the whole piece of art. You need to be sure that the tile are high quality products and that the person that will be mounting them really knows what he is doing. This is a pretentious design that if anything goes wrong, it will look terrible in the end.

chevron tiles arabesque

Metal insertions

This is the trend that I am very fond of. I love the idea of ceramic, metal and glass mix just because it looks so modern but not too pretentious and the mix is also very edgy at the same time. I would have picked something like this for my bathroom, but the offers I found were very high. Too bad I haven’t heard about the MosaicTileOutlet at that time.

MTO0206-Linear-Bronze-Brown-Green-Glossy-Metallic-Glass-Metal-Foil-Mosaic-Tile-a_1024x1024 MTO0142-Modern-Linear-White-Gray-Glossy-Glass-Metal-Mosaic-Tile-a_1024x1024

Dynamic designs

Boring square tiles are out and dynamic shapes are in. From hexagonal, chevron, arabesque, bubble or fish scale designs they all rely on creating a dynamic area that never gets boring. Be sure that if you are going for something like this, the furniture and surrounding details would be kept to minimal so you wouldn’t overcrowd it.

bubble tile

Innovative textures

The textures have really become more and more important and designers really invest a lot of energy and time in creating unique textures that grab attention. Be attentive when going for an interesting texture because it might be hard to clean up. Keep this in mind.


Now all that I have left to do for this year is sit back, relax and think about that mosaic tile pool that I’ve always dreamed of… and will still keep on dreaming about it.

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