Long bob haircut

Stylish Winter hairstyles you need to try at least once


The long bob haircut is a stylish and clean haircut you surely need to try.

bob haircut

Does it suit you?

Well you need to see what type of hair you have, what’s you lifestyle like and of course, your job.

You might wonder why these aspects are important when deciding whether a long bob haircut might suit you or not, but I will get into more details just now.

bob haircut


Type of hair:

Well if your hair is curly this might not be the cut for you. The long bob looks better on  slick hair so if you don’t have much time to wash, dry and flat iron your hair, this might just be a burden rather than a good pick for a stylish cut. A long bob looks better if the hair is slick rather than thin, but you can always add some extra volume with hair extensions of needed.



Busy career woman?


If your hair isn’t perfectly sleek then don’t go for a long bob hairstyle. You need time to make sure it’s sleek and stays perfect especially if  you are a busy business woman. Looking perfect all the time is essential so you need to be sure that the cut you choose doesn’t make you loose more time when in fact you would want to get an impeccable look with less time spent styling your hair. This long bob is indeed very elegant and depicts a successful and reliable partner but if it doesn’t do justice for your lifestyle, they you might want to go for something else.

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Job appropriate?

Surely the long bob is a fancy idea but, maybe if you are a doctor or you need to keep you hair out of your face, then keeping it tied up might   make it curly on some parts and the whole look will be destroyed by the time you finish work. Same thing goes for athletes or active women because after you hit the gym you will surely have a weird hairstyle. Washing it daily just to be sure the bob will be perfect is not a great idea either. Maybe you want to settle for something that needs less care.




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