How to Create Better Fashion Posts

They key to Optimizing Landingpages

We are all in love with fashion and we basically talk all day about trends whether it’s beauty, clothing, tech, cars or travel destinations, it’s all fashion.

As a blogger my main focus is indeed on fashion, beauty and lifestyle in general, but in time I learned on my own expense that it’s not all about pretty pictures and stylish outfits.

Surely you can get a few visitors with some social media following and frequent readers, but you need to create compelling pieces to be sure that the audience that is looking for inspiration that you provide, will indeed find you.

This is were content comes into place, and by content I mean text, info-graphics, not just simple fashionable OOTD pictures you take.

A beautiful landing page that converts visitors into buyers ( for your affiliate links) or frequent readers, followers etc, should follow some basic points to ensure that it’s actually valuable info, not just 2 sentences about how much you love your new MK bag that you got on sale on Black Friday. that might have sound a bit harsh, but it’s true. Been there, done that.

Basic points to take into consideration when creating a landing page

  1. Do some research and find a keyword that works for you. It should be related to your blog niche and should fit in naturally in the topic you wanted to address, even if it’s a new outfit.
  2. Pick a headline that stands out. Don’t use a basic sentence, but ask a question, state something magnificent or provide an answer for something.
  3. Provide valuable info that readers will come back for again and again. If it’s fashion, give advice on where to get the best deals, how to style a certain item or how to fix a stain. DIY ideas work well also.
  4. Use an obvious CTA so that the readers would know what you want them to do. It’s a fact that most of them won’t know what to do next so you need to point that out. Either you want them to subscribe to your newsletters, comment on your post or click the links in order to get a discount on their next purchase.
  5.  Provide valuable links in your content to ensure that the info you state is back-ed up by other as well. Try to focus on linking to well reputed sites that share real info.
  6.  Optimizing your landing pages by making use of psychology is something that always works. As I mentioned before, the headline and valuable info is tightly tied to the psychological side of things. Think what your readers want to read and see and keep them engaged. Try to get on their emotional side, share something personal they can relate to.
  7. Using powerful visuals. But this you know already because you’ve probably focused only on this one when creating you articles until now. Beautiful pictures always attract and that’s why Pinterest is such a compelling platform. #togeinspired

If you really think about it, it’s not that hard to try to redo your strategy when posting. Surely you don’t need to create perfect landing pages for your blog but maybe some of your posts might just be cornerstone content that convert much better that your average outfit posts.

What do you think about this aspect of fashion blogging?

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