How To Look Great During This Winter Season

One of the best things about the winter is that we can really have fun with accessories and different clothing items. Things like hats and scarfs come into play and our whole wardrobe can be pulled together with a few really hot style statements.

So don’t use your winter wardrobe as an excuse to hide behind layers, scarfs and hats. There are plenty of ways to stand out and make a statement that says more than just, ‘Im keeping warm’ this year.

Patterns & Colours

Most popular winter wear comes in traditionally safe colours such as blacks, browns and greys. Seeing as it’s also the time of the year when the weather isn’t it’s best, adding a dash of colour to your outfit can really make you stand out on the high street (or wherever you’re strutting your stuff).

Bright coloured scarfs or hats are an obvious way to brighten up your outfit. But if you’re a bit more daring why not choose a bold skirt, patterned vintage style raincoat or bold knit cardigan.

The bolder the better. Browse your local vintage shops or favourite shopping sites and try and find the most eyebrow raising design. Paired with the usual winter drab colours you might just surprise yourself!

Winter Hair

There are so many things that make winter hairstyles that bit more complicated. Is it going to rain today? Or is it windy? Do I need to wear a hat?

If you’re so over the ponytail, or you want to save yourself the hassle of styling your hair only for it to get ruined in the rain, these are some of our best suggestions.

1. Incorporate plaits and braids into your style. If you’ve got long enough hair then you can experiment with wearing a French plait or braids to keep your mane in check. Plaits can simply add a funky element to your standard ponytail, or can be twisted, wrapped around the side of your head or turned into boxer braids (twin braid style) for a really eye catching feature.

2. Use the half up knot to keep your hair in check. You don’t need to do any braiding with this one and it’ll add a little extra element to your style even if your hair is a bit unruly. Half up knots can be worn on the top of the head, but also look great worn low.

3. The side sweep is a cute way to keep that fringe out of your eyes and doesn’t require a whole heap of styling. Use clips or slides to keep your hair in place for those windy days!


Lets face it, we love winter because we can really have fun with our footwear. Go to town with fun and sassy winter boots or keep it simple with some easy going sneakers. Whatever you wear on your feet can really say a lot about your style and pull your whole outfit together.

If you’re really wanting to get funky with the footwear this season then try some of these on for size…

1. Ankle boots are a winter staple and go with pretty much everything, meaning most of us have a go to pair somewhere in our shoe rack. If you’re tired of the standard issue black ankle boots there are many designer inspired options to make you stand out in the high street.

2. Knee high and overknee boots have become a standard winter fixture, probably because they’re great in all weathers and hey, they look pretty sexy too. Get away from the standard issue black boots and go for mock animal print, matt colours and boots with detailing such as buckles and zips.

3. Wool sneakers are becoming more popular with several brands establishing themselves as reliable and stylish footwear options. Why wool sneakers? Wool is a very durable material meaning it works great to keep your feet warm and waterproof, but it’s equally as effective in the summer months too. Brands such as the Swiss startup Baabuk have a fantastic lineup including some super cool orange wool sneakers.


Big and bold accessories can really make a difference to your style in the winter. We all know chunky woolen scarves and hats are pretty much an essential addition when the temperature drops.

Pair your outfit with a bold print or colourful handbag, especially if you’re keeping it fairly safe with your outfit.

Chunky jewelry is a also a fun addition to your winter outfit. Think big earrings, beaded necklaces and wide belts to add a focal element to your ensemble.

Just remember, the winter is a great time to experiment and layer up your clothing, so have fun with it and you’re sure to look fabulous this winter season!

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