How to Dress Grunge

The Sweater and a Lace Dress

Grunge fashion has it’s stylish roots back around the 1990’s when wearing leather jackets, tattoos, piercings and net stockings was really an act of rebellion.

I think this style is really easy to adapt to a person’s character and preferences. It’s a mix of edgy textures and accessories but all in all it’s the right attitude that will surely complete the whole look.

Take one of my favorite bloggers which even if she grew as an influencer her style remained the same. And when I mean the same I don’t mean boring, because she really is experimenting and surprising us with different outfits that we might have not imagined on her. I am referring to the amazing Lua from If you need a definition of the grunge style these days, take her style.

But let’s see how to create an easy casual-grunge outfit with the items we already own.

I took a long XXL sweater and wore it over this lace dress. The leather jacket is really a must! No grunge outfit could be complete without it. Then, Some cool studded boots , a black beanie to keep me warm and of course a casual-cool silver backpack. I kept my dreads to shoot this look too because I felt it was the best hairdo for it.

I hope you will try a similar look because its’the best way in trying to find your personal style.

Keep experimenting!

Fashion is all about having fun!

how to dress grunge

Dress: Here/ Sweater: Divided by H&M / Beanie: Jumbo / Boots: Here / Backpack: Similar / Sunglasses: Carrera/ Jacket: Mango

how to dress grunge

silver backpack black beanie and dreads

how to dress grunge

dreads how to dress grunge


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