How to Pick a Ring

Choosing the Perfect Ring for Your Love

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When it comes to planning a marriage, one of the most enjoyable parts is deciding on his and hers wedding bands. These are going to be the objects that you and your partner use to signify your love and vow to each other forever. In short, you want these pieces of jewelry to be commemorative and representative of you as a couple, as well as gorgeous. Designer wedding rings come in so many different varieties that it is impossible not to find something that calls to your spirit and personal taste. So here are just three ideas of wedding ring designs that can get you started on choosing your perfect match.


Take on Some Texture


For those couples who want something a bit more eclectic and artsy, perhaps going for a pair of  texture designer wedding rings could be just the ticket. Carvings and hand-crafted designs mean that your ring will look like a one-of-a-kind creation that no one can ever match. It also adds some personality and intrigue to an otherwise ho-hum wedding band. Ideal for both men and women, these textured rings add some visual appeal while representing your unique sense of style and eye for design. The patterns can be as simple as an intertwining rope design or a more intricate pattern that excites the eye.

engagement ring

Keep it Classic


Of course, not everyone needs something that goes against the grain. Designer wedding rings in a chic and elegant classic style could be right up your alley. And why not? These bands have been popular throughout the ages for good reason: they represent the timelessness of elegance. Classic bands maintain all of the wonder and shine that any other ring would and can be inscribed with your name or initials and the date of your wedding. Using the most gorgeous materials such as white or yellow gold, these bands can be studded with a diamond or other precious gem, just to add a bit of glamour.


Mix up the Metals


Finally, the last option that we’ll present is that of mixed metals. Not only are these rings especially vibrant and interesting, but they are great for the couple who just can’t make up their mind. A combination of metals, such as white, yellow, or rose gold can help to elevate the band on your finger and keep everyone’s eyes on you. Plus, with the promise of designer craftsmanship, having a ring of mixed metals ups the ante and makes things fun and exciting.


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