Avocado Deviled Eggs

Do you like eggs or just hate them?

My mom used to make stuffed eggs for each Easter and sometimes even Christmas, but I never used to eat them. actually I never liked eggs that much, especially the egg white so I always tried to avoid eating it.

For some time now I started eating lots of eggs, especially egg whites after gym and I found some really delicious recipes. For those of you that don’t particullary like eating them but still want to enjoy the amount of protein they have, I might just have some yummy recipes you will love
This easter I tried a new mix for the deviled eggs and I used some of the yolks and avocado as the main ingredients. The recipe was very succesful even for those that aren’t that fond of eating healthier.

What you will need:

6-8 organic eggs
2 spoons of fine mustard
2 riped avocados
salt, pepper, chilly and even basil
one spoon of pumpkin seeds oil
zest from a half of lemon
5-6 cloves of garlic

avocado deviled eggs

How to make the avocado filling

If the avocados are not ripe, you should try a small trick: bake them for just a few minutes and they will turn out creamy and soft. Spoon both of them and place everything in a blender. Add the garlic cloves, salt, pepper, chilly, zest of lemon, oil and two spoons of mustard then mix everything until it becomes a nice paste. Then add the egg yolks (already boiled) from just 4 eggs and mix again.

avocado deviled eggs

Arrange the boiled egg white that are cut in half and start filling them with the mixture. Cut cherry tomatoes and put a half on top. Serve with basil leaves and spring onions.

You can also ass seeds and nuts in the mixture or just sprinkle them on top.


avocado deviled eggs


It’s easy, fast and very tasty. Ready to hit the gym and get that summerbody?


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