How to Pick Mens Watches

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We all know women have a thing for accessories and they basically never have enough. I know that I can’t resist buying a new handbag, watch or piece of jewelry on sale, but when it comes to men the story is a big different. They usually prefer not wearing too many accessories or other adornments, they stick to just a high quality watch and that’s it.

Mens watches are not really cheap accessories especially if you are searching for a high quality product, but they are worth it of course. They can even be considered a family treasure if we are talking about a Rolex, Omega, Hublot or other famous brands that make luxury watches for men.

Whether you are buying this as a gift for your better half, a friend of even for yourself, picking the right wristwatch is really easy if you follow a few rules.

how to pick a watch

Top 5 rules for buying a men’s wristwatch

1.First one is style. Keep in mind the rest of the wardrobe and check what kind of watch might match. A business man that usually wears suits or even more casual shirts will want a leather strap watch while a student might want something more hip, maybe with a stainless steel band.

2. Try to pick colors that might work with anything. Black, brown, beige and blue will probably be a good fit for almost any man, no matter his style. Generally black will work better, but that surely depends on personal preferences too. Try to keep that in mind as well.

3. Budget. It doesn’t matter what you budget is, but you should consider buying something of high quality even if it’s cheaper, focus on picking the best out of that price range. This might ensure the fact that it would still be in a good shape after a few years of wear.

4. Size is important too. There is a basic rule you can guide yourself by: The circumference a man’s wrist is 6 to 7 inches, so you would want to search for a wristwatch that has a case diameter of 38-42 mm wide.  It might be the case that the wrist is larger than 7 inches, then you should try wider designs that are 44-46 mm.

5. Talking about case size, the thickness is also a thing to consider. More elegant designs will be thinner while the sport, urban versions will be thick. Taking into account the size of the wrist and personal style you might want to go for either a slim design or a more bulky case.

how to pick a watch


For men that wear only watches as accessories, the quality of this product is very important and they should of course be bought appropriately. Don’t be cheap when it comes to investing in a good timepiece because it will last a lifetime if they are well taken care of.




how to pick mens watches

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