How to Shop for Jeans

Shopping for jeans is kinda a big deal because you can’t really know which fit perfectly unless you try them on. still, if you want to buy jeans online , you should be careful and look at the size chart. MEasure yourself and be sure to pick the right size.

Read the description and see what kind of fabric they are made of. Elastic, stiff, thick or thin. This might influence they way they look on you and also the size.

The rise height is a tricky business too. If you have a bigger bum you might not get the best rise. They might just be a bit too low, so measure, measure, measure.

Still, buying jeans online is not easy but you will get the hang of it soon. If you found a brand that has the perfect fit, try to buy just from that brand. That way you are sure they will definitely fit. I love TopShop jeans, Leigh version. They are simply perfect. I was lucky because my mom found the perfect size when she was in Scotland and then I ordered them directly from the website.

But, in my opinion , if you are not going to spend much money on jeans, try some cheaper versions that you might like. You won;t regret buying them if they don’t fit perfectly, plus, you can always trade them for another pair.

Here are some cool styles.



how to shop for jeans



Blue     Navy     Ripped        Grey

how to shop for jeans

Ombre         Deep Blue          Black

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