How to Wash Suede Shoes

Even if I know that suede is very pretentious, I always tend to go for it when it comes to footwear. It brings elegance, and the shoes look much more expensive when they are made of suede. Still, most of the time they are cheaper even because of the tricky leather texture.

The professional advice is to you use special creams, sprays and brushes to make them look as new. I tried several  types of products like these, but nothing actually worked for me. In the product’s instructions they also state the fact that the color may get darker after using it, so not much done.

I am not saying that what I do is better, but it works for me, with the mention that the suede will slightly change color.

I put them into water and let them sit for a few minutes( I do this with boots). Then take a mild detergent and rub gently insisting on the places they have stains. Then rinse well the detergent and let the air dry. I rarely had bad results with this technique so might just want to try it out, maybe not on your favorite boots pair.

For sneakers made of suede leather, I go off the board!. I shove them into the washing machine together with some towels most  of the time. And guess what? Squeeky clean! I always rub them with a suede brush to make sure they get puffy again, but never try to wash any suede shoes having the heat over 30C.

Not the best way probably, but it’s one way of cleaning suede shoes!

Any special tips from you?

how to wash suede shoes

how to wash suede shoes

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how to wash suede shoes

how to wash suede shoes

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