How to Wear a Hat

Hats are super fashionable items you can easily add to almost any outfit. If you think that a hat doesn’t look good on you, then you might have not found the ideal style for you.

Keep on reading and you might just be able to find that perfect mix that would fit your face shape and clothing style.

How to wear a hat if the question everyone has when they see a hat they like but have no idea on how they could actually wear it. I have to admit that I had the same question when I first purchased my first hat, but since then, I actually managed to pile up a whole collection of different styles and colors.

My favorite hat style is the Fedora. I think it suits me best and it’s very versatile, at least in my case. 90% of my wardrobe could surely fit a hat pretty well. So if you had any doubts as to start wearing hats or not, maybe this convinced you. I advise you to take your time and search for the style that fits you best. Go find your favorite accessories shops and try on all the styles you find. Even if you might not like them to begin with, maybe you will have a nice surprise and find the ideal style when you least expect that. Bowler, panama, wide brimmed hats, berettes and many more styles you should try on before deciding whether hats are or are not for you.


Once you have the one, then it’s time to start creating outfits that would perfect your already contoured style you generally go for. No need to change anything because the hat should just complete the look and not change it entirely.

How to wear a hat in each season

I love wearing hats during Spring and Autumn because it’s neither too warm or not too cold for such an accessory. Surely there are some fashionable styles to consider for summer too. Like the wide brim or panama straw hat we all love. You can wear it with a laced kimono or a chiffon beach dress and flip-flops.

Hats in Spring could be paired with flower printed ruffle dresses and comfy flats. A leather or crep cardigan might just be enough if it get’s chilly. If you like the boho style, they be sure to layer some bracelets or even necklaces if the dress’s neckline is fit for something like that. A pair of capri jeans with a silk top and an embroidered vest could also be a nice version for your new hat.

wearing a felt hat

how to wear a hat

how to wear a hat

A casual outfit for a day out could mean boyfriend jeans, sneakers and a loose T-shirt. Yes, you can also wear a hat with this one.

Wearing a hat in autumn is as fun as wearing a hat in Spring. You only need to do more layering to ensure that you will not freeze. Maxi dresses with wool coats are super nice mixes for fall outfits. Add a felt fedora in either burgundy or mustard to create a fashionable and stylish look. A pair of flared jeans and a big pullover could mean a super fancy outfit for going out. Add a fringed vest and a big scarf to go with.

These are just some ideas on how you could wear a hat, but I am sure that once you find that style that looks good on you, you won’t have any  problems finding ways to wear it frequently.

hat with kimono

source: Kristina Bazan


hat with kimono

source: Dash of Darling

boho hat look

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hat with sneakers

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how to wear a hat

hat winter look

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