Interior Re-design. Kitchen and Bathroom Details

High Quality Details Make a Difference


2017 is going to be all about redesigning and remodeling because I have big plans for my kitchen and bathroom. Already started to make small changes but I still need to get some ideas on how I want my bathroom to look like.

Get your inspiration

Of course I started pinning some inspirational pictures from Pinterest for an ample idea on the style I would like to follow for these two rooms but from my point of view, it’s all about the details.

Better Quality-Longer Life

High quality faucets, ceramic fixtures, mirrors or lights are the key elements that would make any modern design timeless. Plus you know that expensive products will make everything last longer, this way you will only invest once without needing to make annual adjustments to anything.

kitchen design




white tiles kitchen

bathroom designs


colored bathroom ideas

image source: Pinterest

Fashionable Details

Statement mirrors might just make the difference when it comes to adding a bit of detail to any classic arrangement. Either you go for a vintage, antique or a classic touch, you need to go for a high quality frame that won’t let you down when you least expect it.

bathroom mirrors

Wall mounted bath faucets

I will want to get a big bathtub with a side glass wall so we can use it as a shower cabin too. Because of this I will want to go for wall mounted bath faucets. Polished silver with a vintage feel to it is something I would like to have. I found several designs I like so picking just one will be pretty difficult.


faucets bathroom

Brass Faucets for the kitchen

For the kitchen, Aquabrass faucets are the best choices because of the high quality setting. I have two ideas on what I would like, but they are totally different in style so I am not sure which would be better: Industrial or Vintage-Glam? Silver or bronze finish? Tough decision….


industrial faucets



wall mounted bath faucets

Ceramic Fixtures

Ceramic fixtures should be hardy and I know that because I managed to create cracks in some of our old sinks. Even if everything will cost a bit more, I know that the investment is worth it. No need to worry about changing Duravit 2nd floor elements because they will last a lifetime, and isn’t that what we all want? A carefree house with practical and modern details that make our life much easier?


Duravit 2nd floor







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