Best 16 Looks From 2016

From casual to elegant, I tried them all


After a super colored 2016, it’s time for a fashionable top 16 of my favorite looks.

Browsing through my archive I realized that my year was very eclectic in style and that’s because I love to experimenting.

I said it before and I am saying it again: Fashion should be fun. You have to enjoy dressing up and trying on new trends and styles because only this way you can find your own personality when it comes to clothing. Don’t be afraid to try something new. See if you like it, or if it feels comfortable. If it doesn’t, forget about it and move on.

Never say never because I did and I then I realized I was wrong to even think that. Trends come and go, but your style should be true to how and what you feel at that moment.


Maybe these looks will inspire you or just convince you to try something else.


If you want to see more photos of the same look, just click on the photo.


embroidered shirt dress

fuchsia purple look

ombre coat

pleated metallic skirt

sporty look

leather shorts

suede leather jacket

fringed handbag

merino wool sweater

alpaca fur vest and leather pants

temporary dreadlocks

studded over the knee boots

casual jersey skirt

red trench coat

silk star printed dress

karma has no deadline

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