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Styling jackets and skirts in autumn

Fall is all about dressing up warm so that you don’t get cold. Due to the transition from the hot season to the cold season, we are sometimes fooled by the warm sun and getting a flue could be as easy as crossing the street.

Surely this doesn’t mean we can’t wear skirts in autumn. And here’s proof of how stylish a combo like jacket with skirt could look.

Trench jackets, leather jackets, bomber jackets or just wool jackets, they all can successfully match up with a skirt.

In order to style a great skirt and jacket mix this autumn you need to follow some basic rules.

  1. Always mix textures. Don’t pick a woolen skirt with a woolen jacket, Try leather and wool, or lace and suede. Mix, match and find great combinations.
  2. Be sure to compare lengths. A mini skirt looks great with a knee length coat or a floor length one. Wear a midi skirt with a short leather jacket for a nice proportion.
  3. Don’t forget about tights or stockings. You need to keep warm and going bare legged is not the best idea you can think of. You will regret that afterwards.


Talking about textures, if you would ask me I would surely tell you that knits and leather are my favorite for the cold season.

I also think that mixing a nice lace skirt, with a chiffon top and a fur coat is a great idea. If you like to go for basics, try a denim skirt, knitted top and a beige trench coat. Classic yet very trendy.

For a cool outfit, wear a leather pencil skirt maybe with a lace-up detail on a side, a simple top and a suede jacket. I think that matching up suede and leather is a nice way to try diversity without going overboard. Now that velvet is the fabric of the season, you can easily replace suede with velvet being so similar.

So what do you think? Which is your favorite jacket with skirt combination?


jacket with skirt

jacket with skirt

short leather skirt and tartan jacket

red wool jacket with leather sleeves

tartan printed skirt

white skirt and cape

beige jacket and wool skirt

From casual, to elegant, cool and edgy, you have them all! Which would you go for?


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