Jessica Buurman-Perfect Place to Shop

If you haven’t heard yet about Jessica Buurman it’s time to have a look now.

It’s the perfect place to shop for high quality bags and shoes made of fine leather at super prices. Unlike other shops you might know, Jessica Buurman provide real leather accessories and of course footwear that look awesome and are surely comfortable too because a high quality finish will provide great wear too.

What I love about this shop is that it also has beautiful clothing and accessories so I don’t have to look much further in order to get an entire outfit. Simple to get inspired from their fashionable lookbook and frequently updated too.

The size guide and product details are very accurate which is a very important feature for an online shop .I can remember having problems with other shops when it came to finding the perfect fit, so returns were ordinary at that time.

I just browsed the shop a few days ago and found these super cute bags and some interesting shoes that I’ve got on my wishlist. I think you should really have a look because you will surely find something worth saving up for.

So which is your favorite bag?

jessica buurman sandals

Shoes: Here







jessica buurman boots


Boots: Here




jessica buurman

jessica buurman bags


Bags: Here

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