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Have to admin this Kors is the perfect handbag for casual outfits on days I have to run around town because it basically could fit everything I own inside. Leaving the funny part aside, it really is very handy. For me, a casual outfit would always feature sneakers and if I am not rockin my superstars I will surely be walking in converse.

Comfort and handiness are the things I always, always look for because having a tough schedule is complicated enough. Haven’t told you yet, but I started German classes for about a month now. Classes are after work so I will surely have to carry along 3 extra books besides all my other things, so this Kors will fit everyting easily. The thing is, being white it would get dirty really fast, but it’s actually easy to clean, never expected this.

Talking about tight schedules, if I have a bad hair day, and I don’t have time to wash my hair in the morning, I always go for this simple, edgy braid that would fix the bad hair day in less than 5 minutes. Check out this video tutorial I made here.

I am curious, would you enjoy more video tutorials like this?


Casual converse look

Top: Here/ Shorts: DIY/ Sunglasses: Ray-Ban/ Bag: Michael Kors/ Shoes: Converse

Casual converse look

Casual converse look

simple braid tutorial

Michael Kors white bag

Casual converse look Casual white and black look

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