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We all love designer fashion but when it comes to a realistic shopping budget, it doesn’t seem to match up with what we were thinking of. Splurging on high fashion items at least once every season is a sport most fashionistas like to practice, but balancing a budget and wishlist is hard.

Still, there are always other options, both offline and online. is one place you shouldn’t miss. A business with over 50 years of experience handled over from generation to generation ensures high quality stock at the best prices. Online personal shopping support and fast shipping that makes shopping over the computer even more effective.

And because Fall has just started, I had a look to see what I should add to my wishlist for this new season and of course I stopped at bags and shoes because those are the items I do invest in more.


A MK bag is already an icon when talking about street style fashion. Versatile and easy to associate with so many styles. From casual school looks, office attires to more elegant parties and cocktails, they have it all. Designs are mostly minimalist, high quality materials for great prices, especially if you find them on sale.

I never owned a Hogan shoe before, but these sneakers really caught my attention. They are simple, yet they do stand out without being too much, at least in my opinion. Surely there are tons of sneakers to choose from, from Michael Kors to Chiara Ferragni, on sale of course:D

And because autumn is all about the transition weather from the hot summer days to the chilly winter, a coat should not be going from out wardrobe. I had my eyes on a Fay coat here, but it’s a bit over my budget so I will probably search for something more accessible when it comes to outerwear. I’d rather splurge on footwear and accessories than on clothing, but it’s just me. There are many other beautiful clothing items signed by well known designers you could choose from, so why not check them out.


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