Matching wedding bands

To match or not to match the wedding bands?

In the middle of the wedding season some people are still searching for the perfect matching wedding rings.

So on this occasion I found some super cool designs that will change the way you look at wedding bands. Simple, classy and very, very unique. From hammered rose gold bands to super thin and intricate designs for her, you can surely find something really special designed by Reut.

So I won’t keep everything to myself, I asked her for an exclusive interview and I was very happy to see that she accepted.

So here’s the story behind these amazing jewelry pieces.


1. Tell us a bit about Averie Jewelry. How did you get into making jewelry?

I think my love for gold started way back in my childhood, I always remember myself being attracted to the special twinkle color of this metal..

I come from a small village and from a  small warm family that lived a simple life, my father is working in agriculture and we never gave too much thought for the exterior look, not fancy clothes nor fancy jewelry.

When I was 3 years old my parents went on a vacation and left me with my aunt who lives in the city. One day she took me with her when she went to buy new earrings, I refused to leave the shop without my own earrings, and that’s how I’ve got my first gold earrings. (needless to say my mother’s reaction to my little trick 😉

I remember as a teenager, I was always trying to be unique in my appearance. Trying to get the most from what I had.

And this is how I’ve got into jewelry..

2.Do people still wear matching wedding bands? Or do they want something similar but not identical?

Yes, most of my clients are still looking for a matching bands, but I found nowadays couples are looking for something more, something unique.. not necessarily identical.

Rings that will have a personal meaning for them, like taking the hammered style and making a polished and delicate finish for the bride and rough brushed for the groom.
Like this one for example –

matching wedding rings

3.Which is the most interesting design you worked on?

My most interesting design will definitely be my Eternity Wedding Rings Set.

This set is my interpretation for the concept of wedding. I’ve tried to take the meaning of the ceremony, the commitment for eternal life together, transforming from 2 people to one family and cast it into a jewelry.
I’ve designed the woman’s ring as eternity ring made of gold wires with a polished finish and the man’s ring, simple matte finish on the outside but inside the ring the engraved the woman’s ring pattern, to look as if the woman’s ring was crafted out from the man’s ring to symbolized how each part complete the other. while wearing these bands you take a part of your loved one with you.

4.From your experience, what type of metal do people prefer now(gold, silver, platinum)?

Recently I see a rising interest for Platinum wedding bands but most of my clients prefer gold as their wedding rings.


5.When we talk about jewelry trends, what is the most hot thing right now when it comes to matching wedding bands?

When it comes to matching wedding bands I have a high demand for the completing wedding rings designs. One lovely couple asked me to create a design for them a complete set but based on the Celtic Knot, it has been a very popular design since.
celtic knot rings

6.Are people looking for more original, personalized wedding bands now or do they like to choose from more classic designs?

Wedding rings are a very personal and intimate piece of jewelry, I am happy to work with  my couples on ideas for making their wedding rings even more special and unique for them, from completely unique designs to adding gems and diamonds to my existing designs.

7.Which is your favorite type of jewelry you like working on?

I enjoy the most from making engagement rings :). I love to work with gems, selecting them and setting them in a ring. And I’m always excited when I’m imagining how the lady will react when she will see the ring for the first time.

8.Do you work all these pieces by hand? One by one?

Every piece I make is handmade and made with lots of love and care for the tiny details. I do work with my husband, he’s in charge of the jewelry photography and all the online aspects, and I’m in the making of the jewelry.

9.What plans do you have for the future?

I’ve recently opened a second shop that goes by the name ADORA, a variant of the Spanish phrase “Te adoro” (I love you). Which is my  glamorous shop where all the pieces are set with gems. I am working on growing this shop to its full potential. You are welcome to visit:

10.Tell us three things we need to keep in mind when picking out matching wedding bands?

3 Things to keep in mind when picking out matching bands:

  • Matching bands don’t have to be identical think about what is unique to each one of you and what is mutual and find a design that will express it.
  • If you didn’t find a design you both liked, don’t give up contact the designer and ask for adjustments it might cost a little more but you will have your one-of-a-kind design.
  •  And finally remember, the matching part doesn’t have to be visible… it can be in the interior of the ring and still have the same meaning.

rhodium rose gold matching wedding bands

From simple designs to very intricate stories behind these beautiful pieces, all the jewelry pieces are made by hand with love and a lot of creativity.

matching wedding bands


matching wedding bands


custom made engagement ring

When was the last time you’ve got something made specially for you?

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