Pregnancy Style

Cool maternity wear that’s actually not maternity wear

As I mentioned before my pregnancy style is basically all about trying to match my current wardrobe to my actual body shape, which is actually a smart move in my opinion because special maternity wear can be tricky to style afterwards.

This is actually a new dress, still basic clothing that I picked out in a normal size M. I loved the flared cut and the fact that it had volume around the sleeves. It also has a simple belt that I could tie around the waist later on after I give birth. Having a simple cut, it’s easy to style even if all the attention goes to the sleeves.

As far as accessories go, I went for a pair or mirrored sunnies and some layered necklaces. The rosary could also be easily worn as a bracelet for a super cool music festival, right?

I wear black

Talking about pregnancy style I have to mention that I wore black and grey almost all my pregnancy and I won’t stop yet. Many would say, oh no, why mourn during this fabulous period? It’s not a good idea to wear black! You look sad! etc etc and frankly I don’t care what others say.

Black is a happy color if you feel it that way. I  love wearing black because it makes me feel more confident about my growing belly. I can’t lie, it’s cute but huge so if I don’t want to wear white or yellow or pink why judge?

Stick to your own feelings and adapt your pregnancy style

During pregnancy your style should be as you feel it. If you want to wear tight clothes, you should, if you want to feel comfortable and free, wear loose dresses and pants but don’t care what others say or think.

Buy things you enjoy wearing and think about your post-partum style too

Don’t throw rocks, but maternity wear is not my cup of tea. I find it pretty ugly in general so I never went in a store looking for such special clothes. I prefer buying clothes I can adapt, like loose dresses, top and elastic jeans. I still wear some of the pants/jeans I wore before I got pregnant, and I don’t plan on buying maternity jeans because I don’t like the way they look.

To sum it up, try dressing up comfortably, because it’s not really an easy period especially around the third trimester. Wear the colors you want and don’t let people get to you!


pregnancy style


mirrored sunglasses

Dress: Here / Rosary Necklace: Here/Moon necklace: Here /  Jimmy Case / Sunglasses: Here




pregnancy style


ruffled dress

pregnancy style

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