Thai Rolled Ice Cream

Quick and Easy Scrapped Icecream


I remember when I was i Thailand that I tried to find such icecream, and guess what, I never did! I wasn’t looking in the right places probably but I left Asia without having this super sweet delight. 🙁 So sad!

We do have it in my home town but it’s not that great so I tried searching for ideas on how to DIY at home. I love trying new recipes, experiments of all sorts so through my searches I found this cool gadget, if I can call it this way.

Using this simple tool, you can make thai rolled icecream everyone would enjoy. It’s great that you can adapt the recipe to your wishes, make it healthier for the little ones and even use sugar free ingredients for it.

Thai rolled icecream recipe

This is what I first made when trying the pan out.

  • liquid whipping cream & frozen sour cherries

The second time, I used

  • greek yogurt, a bit of condensed milk and frozen sour cherries.


How you do it

You have to put the pan in the freezer beforehand.( about 8-10 hours in advance)

The ingredients you will use also have to be cold, so you may either prepare the mixture and put in the fridge, or keep all your ingredients there before adding them i the mixture.

When the pan is cold, you will want to pour just a bit of the liquid mixture and evenly spread it on the entire surface. Leave it for a but then start rolling your thai icecream. Add fruits that you want and maybe pour some more mixture the scrape again until it gets thick.

Serve right away with whip cream or fresh fruits.

I just can’t believe how simple it is to make your favorite icecream that easy and fast.

Thai rolled icecream will never be the same again! I will search for more recipes to try out because there are so many options and it’s a shame not to see what else I can do with this magic pan.


  • Fast and easy
  • Healthy recipes 
  • Experiment with new flavours



  • You can make only a small amount
  • long time to wait until it is frozen


I would just say it’s a perfect gift for anyone that likes to try new things or maybe even for kids. It’s safe and easy to use so why not even treat it as a super fun toy that make a delicious & healthy dessert.

Ready for summer yet?

thai rolled icecream

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