Red Ridding Hood

A Stylish Book Character


We all read these stories and we probably found a character that we imagined ourselves to be like. I never found a specific character for myself.

 I liked Cinderella, but the whole princess idea wasn’t the best style to fit my personality.

Then after dying my hair red, so many people started finding different nicknames for me like RED, Little Red Ridding Hood, then it hit me.

I really could be Red Ridding Hood. I designed this simple red cape, got a white dress and over the knee boots.

Red will always be a fashionable color, you just have to be bold enough to wear it.

For the hair, I tried out this pull-through braid technique on two side braids. My version was a bit more messy for a rebellious Red Ridding Hood. Talking about rebellious, wait till you see my Halloween Costume idea.

I find Red Ridding Hood a classy, elegant character, even if she was just a little kid going to visit her granny, her style was really well stylized. Some say that the story behind this tale is about the transformation from the little girl into a woman after getting out  of the wolf’s belly. Some talk about rebirth but there are many interesting interpretations that are worth reading.

So which is your favorite story character?


pull through braid

red ridding hood

Cape: B.A.D. style / Dress: Here / Boots: Similar 

red ridding hood

red ridding hood

red ridding hood  red ridding hood

red ridding hood

Photos: Andrei Cacuci

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