Seeking Perfection – Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder

Beauty is debatable and yet society sets standards, milestones and tries to depict perfection that doesn’t actually exist.

We want to be beautiful, we want to get acknowledged and validated by the “public” but the standards keep changing and it’s very hard to keep track them. Problem is we never feel at ease with the way we are because the mirror never satisfies us… but does it? It is just us not being happy about the way we look or feel? Or is it about the fact that we compare each other too much? You name it!


I said I would never get any plastic surgery done, ever. I still think I won’t but I am not so sure as I was a few years ago. Not because I changed my general idea on surgery, but because as I get older I feel the need to ” fix” myself. I think there are just a few women out there that wouldn’t change a thing about them if they would have a good option to do so.

plastic surgery

Why I wouldn’t get plastic surgery

I don’t thing such an aesthetic fix is permanent and I wouldn’t want to to make constant appointments to re-fix myself as I do with my car for example. I never had a surgery in my life, I gave birth naturally and the cut from the episiotomy didn’t heal as fast as I would have wanted, so getting a cut done for any other medical reason is not on my list right now.

Sure, I can’t deny the fact I would want a smaller nose maybe or a slimmer waist and maybe getting rid of my stretchmarks or a face lift in maybe 10 years from now. But chances are I will not want to take the risk or getting botched and not be able to fix it.

The plastic surgeon should be an artist. He needs to be able to find the best fix that suits the patient, not the result the patient expects. Most of the time patients don’t know how to pick what the want, and the whole image would appear very oddly botched. Surely that’s not a rule.

surgery treating trauma

Plastic surgery as a way of treating trauma

There are problems from childhood or even during puberty when aethetic features might have created trauma in one way or another. A big nose, a facial deformation due to a disease or just an accident maybe could ruin a teens life. In this case plastic surgery might just aid the mental recovery and increase the chances of having a normal, happy life.

All in all, plastic surgery can give a person a new, better life for themselves. More confidence, more self esteem and the opportunity to live a normal, happy life even if they might have had a not so perfect start. What appears to one as a fad might be a necessity for another so we shouldn’t judge anyone that opted to undertake any kind of plastic surgery. We all have a our battles and none is similar to the other so be kind and emphatic.

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