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I just got an email about some super sales starting from just 9,99 euros, so taking into account my shoe desire, I had to open it!

Of course there were so many designs worth buying that I had to share the news with you.

Either you are looking for classic ankle boots, lace-up designs or high heels, Public Desire has them all. I believe every woman should have at least one pair of each style in a neutral color so in case of a fashion emergency,  there would be a plan B, C and even D.

Fringed ankle boots are not only for Coachella or any other Music Festival. They can be worn even on a daily basis with jeans and a T-shirt. They might just be the spice you needed for a cool yet casual look.

shoes desire


Stiletto heels are really a must have. Either we love them or hate them, they are the most elegant shoes we could wear.

Silky textures, metallic finish or neutral colored, you name it. I would say black, beige and a metallic if you really love high heels. The price is so good you might just buy them all.

shoes desire


Laced up sandals or gladiators are back again. Take a look at these rope lace-ups with metal details on the sides. Simply beautiful even for a more elegant outfit.

lace up sandals

lace up sandals lace up sandals

shoes desire

Sandals on sale

I love sneakers but summer is all about sandals and fancy parties. A simple pair of shoes might just change your whole outfit so buying several cheap yet very beautiful designs is a great way to build a smart wardrobe. We all have a shoes desire so why not please it even if you are on a budget. Check these super designs that will complete your closet back home.

Black, beige and even animal or reptile prints . You think they might be hard to mix and match, but it’s the other way around. Mix the colors you have on your shoes to create artistic looks or just add contrasting ones for original matches.

lottie_3_black_suede_1 public desire

red sandals snake sandals snake boots

How do you settle your shoes desire? Buying on impulse or waiting for sales?


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