Soundtracks Make Great Memories

Movies and music

Music is part of our daily life even if we can obviously notice it or not at all. Many times you can hear a sound and instantly remember something from the past. A good or bad memory associated with that music or sound. A good example is the first song you danced to with your soulmate, or your wedding song you waltzed to. Music gives us memories in a very beautiful form, because it contours the whole scenario.

And because I just mentioned the word scenario we can’t ignore the importance of music as a whole when it comes to movies.

It doesn’t matter how good the movie is if there is no music or the music is not right for that certain scene, all the effort is in vain. And you probably didn’t think about this but when booking artists for a film, because a very important part is actually played by the person that is designing the whole musical background more famously known as the soundtrack.

Creating music for films is a very elaborate task even if it sounds like a walk in the park. John Jesensky is one genius when it comes to creating beautiful music for films and there is no doubt about it. No wonder that he was honored with so many awards along his successful career. Besides winning an award from the Cannes Film Festival, Mr. Jesensky also received official recognition from the Phoenix Film Festival, La Gona Film Festival and Bare Bones Film Festival, just to name a few.

Music soundtracks are a game changer for any famous movie because it can make or break any conematic masterpiece. I am sure as you are reading this article you will realise how many movies you remember through their soundtrack. Good music can make you feel like you are part of the action, it transports you in the mood and makes everything a memorable experience, because movies are indeed a whole lot more than just a fun video.

When it comes to soundtracks, music can be ambiental without lyrics and standalone songs that fit perfectly with the action that it wants to emphasizing a certain feeling.

John Ross Jesensky knows exactly how to write music for movies so that they will be memorable making him a certified niid creator if we can say it that way.

So what makes a movie a real masterpiece other than great actors, an intrigate script and perfect footage? Music of course! Now that you think of it, music is what makes it memorable or not. Agree?

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