I Bet You Will Wear This For Christmas

Party Wear On A Budget

Maybe this year the Christmas party attire will be more different than last year. Forget the old fashioned ugly Christmas sweater and go for something way more chic than what granny prescribed.

Suit up!

For a very stylish approach, a successful business woman would surely go for a fashionable suit. Opt for a royal blue suit if you really want to make a statement. For a bold, yet a morecasual approach, try a black and white stripe blazer and pants or swap the pants with a sequined skirt.


christmas backdrops photography uk

blue suit

Sequins and lace all the way!

You can never go wrong with a sequined top or a lace dress for that matter. These are eternal must tries for the season. A sparkly top will give you that glam touch without overdoing it. Keep it simple, with a more natural makeup and some classy heels. If it’s a family dinner, just stick to basics and add a fluffy cardigan on top just to dim it a bit down. You don’t want anybody to mistake your outfit with the Christmas lights hanging on the neighbor’s fence, do you?


sequined spaghetti strap top



sequin stripe dress

silver confetti dress


All about accessorizing!

Let’s say you are over that ultra glam look and you just want to stay cozy, make your granny happy and wear that sweater she knitted for you ten years ago… still you will want to add something to it because why not… A sexy harness will surely make that boring sweater pop! Naughty Naughty. Wear it on top or just under a shirt to be sure all eyes will be on you. A pair of tassel earrings will do if you will keep it on the good girl side.

necklace bodychain

beaded tassel earrings

Dorothy, you’re not in Kansas anymore!

Shoes are everything when you want to pump up your look! glitter up and go bold for that special Christmas party. Either wear those sparkly sandals with some thick socks or go for for the sleek pumps and keep it more on the classic elegant side. If you don’t like any of them, you can always opt for some over the knee boots to spice things up a bit.

silver glitter party sandals

crystal brooch pumps

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