Splurge on Accessories on Black Friday

After a hard year, we all need to treat ourselves to something that makes us feel better. Either a short vacation if restrictions don’t apply, remodeling the house, buying new furniture, that expensive bag you wanted for so long or maybe a change of look.

Maybe you would feel guilty if you’d splurge on something more or less useless, but if it makes you happy, why not, you deserve it after all.

Surely you can find ways of balancing everything out, like finding the best deals on Black Friday. The wait is not that long and I am sure it’s worth it.

Spend less on clothes, invest in accessories

I particularly spend less on clothes and splurge on shoes, bags and accessories. My guilty pleasure is buying watches. And I say guilty I mean this because I love to know I have them but most of the times I wear only one for few months, then skip to another.

I prefer simple, medium sized watches that are high quality and work well for both casual and more elegant outfits. Next treasure hunt I will attend is the Nordgreen Best Black Friday Deals. These watches are simply beautiful and if you’d ask me, They can make a perfect Christmas present too.

I always shop in advance for Christmas and get the presents long time ahead just because I want to find the perfect gift for everyone and not begin to run around at the last minute while buying anything I put my hands on.

Gift Guide

I think I will get my husband a Gift Bundle that’s so elegant and yet versatile. Native – BUNDLE Black Dial Gun Metal is my favorite. And I would bet any man that loves to stay comfy at home, work out and also dress up into a suit for an important event, would agree that this is perfect match.

For my best friend, I’d create a personalized bundle with rose gold case and a pink leather strap. For more versatility, I’d add a white leather strap and a gold mesh strap for elegant yet edgy outfits. It’s so easy to find the perfect gift when there are sales because you can be more creative without needing to think about money first.

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