Growing up with Pets

I remember that as a child we always had pets around the yard. From chicken, to rabbits, to peacocks and tortoises or guinea pigs. I loved being surrounded by animals because it was very fascinating to just watch them do their own thing and observe behavior traits of each of them.

Out of them all, I preferred dogs best. Still, a few years ago I was all against having pets in the house because of dirt, lots of hair and interesting odor. But due to our dog Lucky having some medical problems, the doctor said he would need to sleep inside. And that was the start. Since then he never slept outside and nor did his new family. There was a time back in 2016 when we had 10 dogs in the house. Lucky Luna and their puppies. You can just image what that meant.

boxer puppies

Life with 3 boxers

We now have 3 boxers that live in the house and life has never been more joyful. I can’t image how it would be not to have them around especially now with my baby girl being all enthusiastic about animals. Why do pets become family? Because most of the time they are more caring, more protective and assertive than most of us. They love us even when we are not so joyful, they are always happy to see us even if just left 5 min ago and they would protect the family at any cost.

I think it’s very important for kids to grow up with pets. They learn how to be responsible without actually teaching them.

Children learn and connect with pets

I see my girl Sophia rushing into the house to get a tissue to wipe their eyes if they had any discharge that she saw. Sophia always makes sure they have proper water during summer. She hugs them and tell them I love you. She adores to run with them and she even made up a game with the smaller pup Piti; she taught her how to catch and bring her the ball.

It’s fascinating to see how easily they can communicate even if they don’t ” speak” the same language.

Life with pets could be complicated, especially if you have a very active life, but on the long run it’s very rewarding. If you also have kids, getting a dog or a cat would actually teach them lessons we can’t explain in words.

kids and pets learn

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