Spring Shopping


What to Buy This Spring


Spring is finally here and even if the weather is  still playing tricks on us, we really want to get our spring-summer clothes out of the closet soon.

Inventory first, buy after

Whenever I move my clothes, as a season shift, I always check what I have, what I don’t need and what I should buy for the next season. So many a sort of an inventory with all your seasonal clothes is the best thing to start with before going to buy anything.

Spending money on things you don’t need or will not wear is not something you want to do. Also, waiting for summer sales to buy some items you wanted is something to consider but  why not get them at the beginning of the season? You might say because the prices are too high and there are no spring sale in March or April. But think again, there are.

Boohoo has a super sale up now and you might just find the right items you want in your wardrobe.

Spring dresses you could also wear in autumn for prices as low as £5, bomber jackets which are back in trend by the way, tops, skirts, you name it!

Sure, you will probably not find all the sizes, styles or the latest trends, but you have a big chance in finding timeless pieces that are really missing from your wardrobe for a fraction of the price you would pay in other stores.

Spring Shopping

Spring Dresses

Dress to impress, for less

Finding cheap elegant dresses is always a tough job, and you will surely have dozens of special events you need to attend this summer so why not take some time now and check out these beautiful dress. You can find at least one to have as a back-up. Go for black dresses, lace dresses or metallic textures for a chic and timeless look. It could be the best Spring investment.

evening dresses

spring flower printed dresses

spring jacket sale

Bomber Jackets

cheap spring jackets

boohoo jewelry

Someone said shoes?

Open toe, lace up, chunky heel, you name it Boohoo has it. Really good prices for statement shoes you might not wear all the time. Bu then they are so affordable you might as well indulge in a pair or two, you deserve it!

spring trends

Spring Shoes

cheap boohoo shoes

boohoo sandals


Shopping list ready?

Mine is!

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