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As you might know already I am a big watch fan. This is the first accessory I put my hands on after I got dresses. I wear my upper lobe studs which I never take of, Two rings and my Pandora bracelet. That’s it! I rarely bling up with other jewelry pieces like my personalized name necklace or big statement necklace.

I can’t say I have many watches, but they are in different styles and colors. I posted a while ago a part of my collection but I got a few new ones too.

So many of you have asked me where to get authentic watches from and now I will give you all the details.movado wristwatches

Not from local stores

Not sure why, but local stores have higher prices and I usually don’t find the designs I like so this is probably the last place I would look for a watch. Only one of my watches, which I got as a present, was bought from a store in our town.

Shopping on vacation

Before leaving for a trip I always look for the best shops and of course outlet stores or villages. I got many beautiful watches from places I traveled to and McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Parndorf is one of the places that has great prices for such accessories. I also found some great stores in Barcelona and Valencia too. So searching for such shops in big cities is a thing to do.

Online Shopping

Many people tend to avoid buying designer watched online because they are afraid they might get a replica. Still, there are many famous online stores which are secure and surely sell authentic watches. If you are not happy with your pick, you can send them back and get it replaced or a full refund. So why not look for the best prices online?  I always found the best deals from online stores and many times also with free shipping. Could it get better than this?


Here are some of my favorite stores where I get my watches from.



authentic brand watches

armani wristwatches

House of Fraser

dkny authentic watches

 A bit of glitter never hurt anybody

authentic watches calvin klein authentic watches

Black or white?

Your pick!

thomas sabo aithentic watches

Found your favorite yet?

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