Spring Wishlist

Dresses and Bags

It’s that time of year! No, not Christmas! It’s time for a fresh wardrobe renewal and in my case, I really need to think about what to get and what not too.

Investing in pregnancy wear is not my cup of tea. I find it useless and I will probably not get anything special for this period.

My kind of maternity wear is elastic and comfortable trousers and skirts, loose tops and flared dresses that I can wear even after the baby comes. If you think you can’t be stylish with normal clothing, think again.

So instead of buying special items, I prefer going for the right cuts that would look really nice even with a huge belly. Here are some of the dresses I thought of adding to my existing wardrobe.





You can find them all on http://www.gamiss.com

Another I love investing in: handbags! You can use them no matter how much weight you gain so buying a beautiful bag will not be a waste. Try some fun shapes like milk cartons or cupcakes for a super cool look.

Embellished clutches for the super parties that will comes or just a new day to day bag you might need for carrying all your stuff around.

So what’s on your shopping list for this Spring?



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