What to wear when pregnant

Stylish maternity wear

This is a question almost all future moms have especially when they start to gain weight and the baby bump is noticable, what to wear when pregnant?

Some like to emphasize their new shape, while others would prefer to hide it while they can still camouflage it.

In my case, I prefered to show it as little as possible because I felt it was more fashionable this way. A small bump can easily be hidden away with loose clothing you might already have in your wardrobe.

I am 6 months pregnant right now and I haven’t bought any special maternity wear yet and I am not planing on doing that either, unless of course it will be necessary.

I started looking for loose dresses and tops and elastic pants/jeans. Haven’t bought any new jeans or pants but I did buy some dresses and tops that have a looser fit, same size as I used to wear.

I know I will be putting on more weight very soon, but I am not planning in changing my style just like that. I do feel comfortable wearing clothing I already owned before and I think that mentally that is very helpful aspecially at the point that you start to get rounder.

But the question remains, What to wear when pregnant?


what to wear when pregnant

Dress: Here / Jacket: Here /Boots: WhyDenis/Glasses: Steve Madden / Scarf: McQueen

embroidered leather jacket


pregnancy wear

Comfortable, stretchy clothes that you feel comfortable in. Elastic skirts that you can wear over or under your belly(as you feel comfortable), loose or fitted tops that would just snug you safely.

Comfortable shoes that would prevent swelling and if your feet are already swollen, try picking a bigger size because your sole might just grow during pregnnacy.

As far as bathing suits are concerned, I opted for one piece suuts even if the bikinis I owned would still fit me. I prefer not to show my belly around, not because I would be ashamed, but because I feel it’s more private. Still, you should go for anything that looks great and feels comfortable.

The bottom line is that you should go with the flow and wear whatever you like, what makes you feel more beautiful. It’s one of the most beautiful periods in a woman’s life and you need to cherish every moment even if sometimes you may raise the same question: What to wear when pregnant!

Wear a smile and happiness in your heart because that’s all you need!

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