Studded Knee High Boots


Comfortable Rock Chic

Please excuse my face and weather. It was actually foggy and it started to snow as we took the pictures and still was cold wasn’t gone. That explains my not so friendly face.

I was very excited about creating this look until I went out the door and literally froze, so I guess it wasn’t the right outfit for the stupid weather. I insisted on finishing the shoot for you but you should wait until it get’s a bit more warmer outside before you go out dresses in something like this.

My favorite element here are those studded knee high boots which I wanted for a while now and I couldn’t find any affordable pair taking into account the fact that I won’t wear them all day, everyday. For a nice layering I picked this sweater dress with a chiffon lining that looks absolutely perfect in this mix. I didn’t like at first but layering it the right way took it from dull to fab.

What was missing?  A leather jacket, some cool sunglasses( even in Winter) and of course my trusty Kors bag which I can’t get enough of.

 Have to stack on dotted tights because I tend to destroy every pair after a first walk, so if you have any suggestions on where to get dotted tights, please leave a link.

studded knee high boots

Jacket: B.A.D. style / Dress: Here/ Scarf: No name / Boots: Similar / Sunglasses: Ray-Ban / Bag: Michael Kors

Michael Kors traveler side pull through braid

studded knee high boots ray ban clubmaster

rock chic look


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