Cold Weather Outfits

How to dress up chic in winter

Even if I am not a cold weather fan, I must admit that autumn and winter bring out the best in fashion styling especially if you like experimenting with cold weather outfits.

Moving from warm temperatures inside to the cold weather outside means you need to adapt so that you are not either too warm or too cold in any conditions. Adapting is basically using layers of clothing to create the best inner climate for yourself, and when I say layers I mean textures that make up awesome outfits for the season.

Cold weather outfits shouldn’t be dull, because they don’t need just to have the purpose of keeping you warm and that’s it. Surely, you can opt for that if you do not want to look stylish at all I remember how my mom used to dress me up when I was a kid. I never felt cold, but I looked like a wardrobe exploded on me, nothing matched.

To get you more excited about outfits for the cold weather, I picked out some of my favorite looks that might inspire you to create some fashionable outfits for yourself.

Basic pieces for cold weather outfits


I haven’t said it enough times yet, but I do adore boots. Combat boots, ankle boots, over the knee boots, almost any kind of boots. They are stylish and the keep you warm. Weather you like to pair them with trousers, skirts or dresses, you can never go wrong with some killer boots on winter or autumn. I prefer either ankle length or over the knee boots because these flatter my body figure. Intermediate lengths make me look shorter that I actually am.

winter fashion

over the knee boots in autumn

combat boots and skirt

Coats for cold weather outfits

There are so many variations of coats that keep you warm and make you look super chic too. Wool coats are the best choice for cold winter days so why not buy yourself something nice right now? Do you own a tartan coat yet? It’s time to search for one then. Even if they are super trendy this year, this print doesn’t go out of style that fast.

winter layering

coat in autumn

coat in autumn


Big scarves that could cover your head, arms and back just, like a big cape. Opt for a style you will love next year too so that the investment you made in that cashmere scarf would actually be worth it. Animal prints, especially leopard are very in this year.Go for a neutral tone to match with many of your other outfits that might need some spicing up. A big brooch will take your stylish scarf to the next level, so be sure to invest in some cute brooches too. HINT: insects.

cold weather fashion

cold weather fashion


I can’t stop saying how stylish and versatile hats are. I own over 20 hats and I always fond another style or color that I need to add to my collection. I wear them with jeans, dresses, skirts, almost everything. They save me when my hair looks bad or I didn’t manage to dye my roots. Such a big styling secret that you should trust in when you have no idea on how to add a little something something to you simple outfit.

cold weather look

winter look

cold weather outfits


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