How to Style Boyfriend Jeans

The Ugly Jeans-Boyfriend Jeans

Many see boyfriend jeans are ugly, inappropriate size and weird looking. Instead of complimenting the body figure, they hide or distort it, but still, we love them

We love boyfriend jeans because they are comfortable and chic. Yes, if we make the right choices they could look simply amazing.

So let’s see how we can style boyfriend jeans.



how to style boyfriend jeans

Besides the casual-sporty approach, many fashionistas love to wear them with heels. And I will tell you the sercet why.

If you are petite like me, boyfriend jeans will just look kinda weird with flats. So if I would go for a pair of high heels, they will make me look taller and not so puffier. Plus if you like the hems rolled, this might be the best combination with your favorite ankle strap sandals.

Blue, White, Black?

You can find them in many colors, but the classic still look best in dark or light blue. In my opinion, boyfriend jeans look better if they are a bit distressed. But you can surely make a quick and easy DIY to fix up your favorite jeans.

White jeans will make your look a bit more classy. Try a sequined top and a blazer for sexy fix. Black is a rockish approach that will attract all eyes. Wear them with a band printed T-shirt and a leather jacket. For a more edgy mix, pick some punk inspire boots with a thick sole.

Classic, dark blue jeans ideally mixed with a fun shirt. Either you go for a classic cut and color, or for some printed shirts that will turns heads around. High heels are a must! Go for deep colors that will compliment the classic tone of the jeans.


designer boyfriend jeans

Rock and Roll Jeans 

affordable boyfriend jeans

Classic and Ripped Jeans

Boyfriend Jeans Inspiration

To make everything more visually clear, I picked some of my favorite boyfriend jeans outfits so you could get inpired.

Of course I haven’t forgotten about my two looks, so I am curious about which you like best?

song of style boyfriend jeans

Song of style

styling boyfriend jeans


boyfriend jeans



Urban Cool

boyfriend ripped jeans outfit jeans and heels jo

Ripped jeans

jeans and heels

So boyfriend or girlfriend jeans? Which would you pick?

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