Tips for a Short London Trip

What to Visit in Just 2 Days

As you might know we were in London last weekend for a very short trip.

The Surprise

We left on Friday together with our friends, but they had no idea we were on the same plane with them. We wanted to surprise them on the way back. Everything went really well until we got off the plane and had the bad idea to rush before them.

Once we reached the passport control lines,,, our cover was blown.

They saw us but couldn’t believe their eyes, it was so funny:)) I can remember their faces:P

After having a great laugh for a few minutes, we got our luggage and went out to get a bus. Bad idea again, we should have taken the train and arrived much faster  that way we could have enjoyed another day in this beautiful city.

We met my best friend from childhood Ale, and went down in Soho to grab a bite and start our adventure.

Our first stop was at a lebanese restaurant with really good food. It was kind of small and crowded for my taste, but the dinner was delicious.

Back to the hotel to get some rest for the next days.


On Saturday we strolled around London for more than 20 km, yes by foot.

We went to the Science Museum and Victoria and Albert Museum.

Unfortunately the Natural History Museum had a very long line and we didn’t want to waste time waiting so we rescheduled for another day(never got there because London is so big and until we got from one place to another it closed).

Hyde Park was the next stop, stroll I mean. We actually went from one side to another and got to get up close and personal with the friendly squirrels.

I really loved the fact that there were so many animals in the park, both wildlife and pets, really relaxing.

Talking about food, I had the best wheat free pistachio and rose cake  at the Good Life Eatery. I really recommend this place if you love healthy yet delicious food.

Then off to St. Paul’s Cathedral, Millennium Bridge.Oxford street wasn’t missed neither on Saturday or Sunday, a must!


We started Sunday with a fun walk with our Tour Guide Jason. Walking tours are the perfect way to get to see more of London in just one day.

Another idea which we didn’t consider, is  going on a bus ride(maybe next time).

We got to see the Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, St. James Park and Palace, Buckingham Palace and guess what? They were filming an episode from Top Gear right there.So lucky to see that!

After the walk we went further to London Bridge and Tower Bridge.

The plan was to get back to the Natural History Museum before 5pm, but we never got there on time.

In the evening Camden Market was our stop for some fun souvenirs and a something to eat.

We wet at The Diner, which was a great option even if we had burgers and fries. Here I got the best Milkshake ever, a must go.


So even if it was really short, we tried to make the best of it and it was surely worth it. I got to see my friend again and also visited amazing London.

As for Tips and Tricks to consider:

  • Book your tickets with a month or two before so you would get the best price.
  • Also book your hotel as soon as you can for the same reason. We always pick for finding hotels, never through agencies.
  • Go by train from the airport to save time, even if it’s a bit more expensive.
  • Buy an Oyster card for tube transport. You will get the money back you haven’t spend, so it’s the best deal. Or  you can also get on the tube by using a contactless card, pay as you go.
  • Walk as much as you can because there are so many things to see around. Beautiful architecture and small bars, restaurants you wouldn’t find in any other way.
  • Book a walking tour to be sure you get all the facts rights plus you meet new people. I recommend Authentic Walking Tours. We love it and it was just 10 GBP
  • Pack sneakers and comfortable shoes(never heels) and also an umbrella. We never used it because we were so lucky to have such a beautiful weather. +12 degrees. Who said London was rainy and foggy?

What I found weird, is that not all bars have bathrooms, and food/drinks have different prices for if you sit an eat or take it with you. Makes sense but still, a bit odd for me.

Also be prepared because it’s an expensive city. You might just pay for a coffee and a sandwich around 10GBP at least. Also going around with the tube will be a bit costly especially for the long distances. You could also try Uber sometimes like we did on our way to the airport buss station, but in rush hour a cab won’t help.

I hope this short story plus mini guide would help you get a better idea of what to expect when visiting London.

Have you been there? Anything I missed?


tips for a short London trip

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