Summer Heels and Flats

Summer Shopping-Shoes

Summer is here and if you haven’t filled up your wardrobe with new designs it’s time to do that now.

If you ar enot such a clothes addict  but you would love thousands of shoes and bags, this post is for you.

I love sneakers and I could wear them all day, but can you guess what I buy more? Heels, yes, because I love to look at them on my fet. I know it sounds weird, but I have many shoes that I don’t wear, maybe jsut once or twice, but still I won’t sell or give them away.

With flats, it’s another story. I don’t like to wear them even if they are comfortable. I prefer sneakers or plimsolls. But then I like seeing them on other stylish women. I like a pointy flat with some embellishments. I like metallic textures and big bows in bold colors. They look amazing on summer tanned skin, lace dresses and fedora hats. Do you agree?

Here are some awesome designs that you might want to  have a look at. Really  interesting and the price is amazing plus free shipping too. How cool is that?


cheap fancy heels

Fancy heels


summer flats cheap


Cool flats

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