White Summer Dresses

What to Buy This Summer

If you have a real passion for fashion, you will surely never stop shopping even in season. Still you should keep in mind some aspects if you don’t actually want to throw away money out the window.

Don’t buy useless stuff like accessories if you know you don’t wear them. Don’t buy dresses if you love wearing pants, so keep you shopping list short and invest in clothing you do wear. Buying white dresses is summer is actually a great idea. You can never have to manyy because there are tones of different styles that you can wear in many other ways. They would keep you coller during hot summer days and they look amazing on dark tanned skin. Of course you should take care of your silhouette in order to look awesome in a white dress, but that should be a rule for anykind of clothing.

3 rules:

  • Don’t buy only mini dresses. Get more lenght types so that you would have different options for different occasions.
  • Get divers cuts and details. Don’t  buy white, open back dresses.
  • Try them on and be sure they feel comfortable and look great on you. White is a pretentious color.

If you are not really a hite fan, like me, but still you would want to own at least one white dress for this summer, go for cheaper dresses so that you won’t break a bank for that.

It’s all about smart investments, keep that in mind.

I picked some amazing designs at cool prices, so have a look at this selection and get that free shipping offer!

white lace dress

White Lace

bow details dress

Romantic details

lace jumpsuit

Texture mixes

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