Summer OOTD

Summer outfits are all about dressing yourself up in order to cope with the high temperatures, to stay sexy and stylish while enhancing your beautiful features and hiding away the flaws you hate to show.

Summer OOTD differs from year to year, but some elements still stay the same. We all wear at least once a summer dress, some kind of shorts and skirts, silky tops and swimsuits. We make our picks according to certain features that we want to pin point.

I keep saying this and I can’t stress it enough: Fashion should be about having fun and wearing what feels good. We need stay away from outfits that feel and mostly likely look akward just because we have the privilege to choose what we like and what not. It’s not mom and dad dressing up anymore, so why not make stylish Summer OOTD choices for this year.

I picked some of my favorite looks that I created, but you can surely go for other styles that actually fit you well.

big sunglasses

Denim dress for hot days

Denim is probably my favorite texture after leather, of course. I like the rough texture that has a nice fitting and it hugs the body shape just right. Not too tight, not too loose. Just the right amount of tightness to make you look perfect in this kind of dresses.

This dress will probably be my go to item for this summer ootd. It can be very casual paired up with some superstars or Air Force ones, or more elegant with high heels as I styled it in this example. The only downside here is that if you wear it while bloated even just a bit, you will look pregnant. or fat:).

buttoned down denim dress
denim dress
mini denim dress

Leather skirt and T-shirt

My second favorite combo is anything leather mixed with anything jersey like a T-shirt. Soft versus tough is the best mix I could think of. I adore this ruffled skirt because it has just the right amount of elegance without making it too exclusive. I can wear it for a casual summer ootd easily but also for a more elegant look with a lace or sequined top.

As I am short, I need to pick the right cut and length for my skirts and dresses and this length is one that suits me. Not too short to make it look vulgar, but not too long to make my legs look shorter than they really are. I love printed casual T-shirts that I can style endlessly. This has a funny print when I think about it because since the baby was born, I never have a real day off. :))

leather ruffle skirt
printed text tshirt outfit
casual summer ootd

Split Red Trousers

These trousers are as versatile as they loo. Made of a dense yet stretchy fabric, they flatter well build legs while lengthening them visually. This is the reason I picked them out. I love the color and how they fit me. I can see myself wearing them with high heels as I styled them in this ootd, but also with some casual boots for a rock inspired look.

shirt dress outfit
shirt dress

The cardigan or blazer I am wearing here is actually a shirt dress. You already know I love shirt dresses one of the reason being that I can wear them as a jacket any day. They are comfy and so versatile, I can’t say it enough. I love clothing items that you can wear in more than one way just because you don’t need to fill up your wardrobe with so many items you wear once or twice.

split red trousers
red trousers outfit

It’s so easy to style outfits in summer if you like casual looks because you just need to find basic pieces that you can mix and match endlessly. The perfect pair of shorts, that versatile dress, a denim item and a statement piece that would make you stand out. Be sure to keep the temperature in mind and dress appropriately for the weather as you wouldn’t want to feel uncomfortable. Pick natural fabrics that feel good on the skin and keep you dry.

What is your go to summer ootd? Classy, casual or just cool?

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