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Need more clothes? Think again

As the fashion market has grew over the past few years, so did consumerism and it hit a point that really hurts all of us, but mostly the environment. Mass retailers create weekly collections  for very affordable prices that get bought or even returned in a very big quantity, but even if they are or not bought, they end up a pile of waste. And this pile is growing so fast we can’t control it anymore. We are ruining the environment just by trying to be fashionable. How does that sound? Not great huh?

Climatologists are concerned about then climate change and are now trying to find ways on how to minimize the hazard and maybe even find a way to fix the wrong that we all did. Devoted climatologists that spent  more than 30 years doing research on this, and maybe we could just sit and read a little about what we can do as an individual to stop messing with nature.

sustainable fashion

But what can we do to try to save it?

  1.  Buy less, save more. No more daily shopping sprees. Buy just a few items per season and ask yourself a few questions. How many times will I wear it? Is it high quality material? Would I be able to use it for years? Pay more for high quality items that are not made of synthetic fabrics.
  1. Opt for pure cotton. 100% organic cotton is much more environmental friendly than any other textiles used in making your favorite clothes.
  1.  Recycle old clothes you do not use and donate other stuff that people might need. Don’t throw them away at the garbage when you can do other things with them.
  1.  Buy from designers that create sustainable fashionable items. Conscious Collection

by H&M, DL 1961,  Everlane, Threads 4 Thought and Adidas which recently started to opt for more sustainable ways to make they trademark sneakers.

  1. Slow fashion is the way to go. Forget fast fashion even if it’s so tempting. Big brands try to come up with so many new items in a very fast pace that we basically can’t keep up with. And there is no need in keeping up with it anyway:)

Here are some tips on how we could make things work they way they should.

It won’t change overnight, but improvement can be caused by each and everyone of us. It all starts from just one person and then another and another until the mentality and the mass production changes into something more environmental friendly.

organic cotton

We should not lose our beautiful nature just because we need to buy more clothes or shoes or anything of that kind.

We need to stop being so selfish and think of the next generations. What are we gifting our kids, our grandkids? Pollution and less green land? I know this is not only about fashion, but this industry does indeed have a big saying about what happens to our planet in the next years.

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