T-shirts and Dresses- Summer wardrobe

I am one of those that buy a tone of T-shirts without needing news ones just because there is a print, a cool text or a nice color that I love. I do own too many T-shirts, and I am aware of that, that I do wear them daily, so it’s not something I invest money in and ends up sitting in my closet.

Most of the time, I go for dark colored T-shirt, black, burgundy and dark purple being my favorites. An ironic, funny or offensive text is the details that always gets my attention. When it comes to picture prints, most of my T-shirts come with skulls or some kind of animals, rarely I get anything else. Just like for my other types of clothing, prints rarely make it, and if they do, it’s something minimalistic like dots, stripes, tartan, rarely flower prints or anything else.

Why do I prefer T-shirts?

They are comfy, casual and easy to style. I mostly live in jeans, T-shirts and sneakers so I stack mostly on these and it’s understandable I guess.

If they are made or natural fabrics like 100% as I prefer them to be, they cope really well during hot summer days, especially if they are not dark. A white or yellow T-shirt during a hot summer day is the perfect choice. Surely shirts might work just as well, but I wear shirts only as cardigans or blazers.

T-shirts go well with short jeans, tulle skirts and even more fancy skirts like leather or silk. It’s easy to style a well made T-shirt that might also have a nice print that will enhance the whole look.

White T-shirt
printed t shirt
no bad vibes tshirt
slogan black tshirt
Black Tshirt
text black tsirt

Love Hate relationship with dresses

My love for dresses is kind of inexplicable. I don’t wear them on a daily basis, not even monthly, although I like how they look on me. It’s a matter of comfort, not that all the dresses I own are uncomfortable. If I had to pick between skirts and dresses, I’d choose to wear a skirt. But the fact is, I own many more dresses than skirts; Go figure.

orange dress
Orange mini dress
ruffled dress
mini lbd
Mini velvet dress
mini velvet dress
black mini dress

I rarely search for any dress to buy, maybe only when I know that I will need to attend a special event. Most of the time I buy dress is when I search for anything else, like jeans or maybe shoes and I see a dress that catches my attention.

When it comes to preferences, I go for mini dresses rather than long. If it’s long, then it has to has a slit on the leg or it should be very an A-line with a full skirt.

Short dresses are modern and cool, they are more comfortable that long dresses and they flatter my figure. I either pick leather, lace, beaded dresses or other elegant textures and wild colors.

Between warm and cold colors, I always go for warm and this orange dress won my heart from the second I saw it. It’s simple, flirty and fun at the same time. Love the color and the interesting detail that makes it so special. /the velvet dress is classy and elegant. Loving the simple line that boast with timeless features. My favorite from the two? Can’t decide as they are different and yet both very beautiful.

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