Afraid of Renting a Car During Your Holidays?

Here are some tips

I don’t know about you, but all this isolation makes me think more and more about a holiday getaway, as far as possible. Even though I know this will take some time until things go back to normal and we could travel freely, I am still thinking of getting back to Florida with my husband and daughter. The vacation we had in Miami was one of the best so far, maybe as great as Mauritius, but you can’t actually compare the two.

There is one thing I do kind of regret from our trip to Florida, is that we did not rent a car for more freedom of getting around. We did use Uber and public transportation, but reaching some places, was not as easy as it would have been if we would have rented a car.

My overall fear for which we avoided renting a car was actually the traffic and getting around. We had no idea on how things worked there, so we thought it would be better to stay on the safe side and don’t rent a car to avoid such incidents that could ruin our entire trip.

Funny thing is that when visiting Mauritius, both times, we did not even think twice about not renting a car. Best choice ever. The roads are pretty good, and the traffic is pretty easy to cope with if you don’t go that often through Port Luis which was indeed more crowded.

But I am sure that next time we will visit Florida, we will take the opportunity and go for renting a car to get the whole adventure right this time.

For prepping up on this, I did some research and found some interesting points to consider .

1. Use a credit card and not a debit card if you don’t want to get you money locked away. Well, his will be though because we don’t have any credit cards, still there is much more time left to fix this.

2. Pick one driver and don’t add additional ones just for the sake of trying out a car. It costs more if you add drivers, so if you are on a budget, try saving up here. But if you do want to drive that convertible Mustang, splurge away!

3. Still on the budget side, don’t rent right from the airport. It’s much more expensive. Pay for a  shuttle to the hotel towards and back because it will probably be cheaper than the extra price you would pay for getting the premium offer at  the airport upon arrival.

So this is more for saving money, but let’s check some tips on how to avoid car accidents.

1. Do research upon arrival. Be sure you know if there are special laws, unique driving signs you need to take into consideration, traffic restrictions and legislation in general. This is very important to be sure you are prepared to drive around Florida for example.

2. Don’t drive if you are the least tired. You are not as confident as driving back home especially if the car you picked is much different that the one you own. Drive only when you can focus on the driving itself and the traffic in general.

3. Pick a car that’s similar to the one you are used to drive. It’s easier not having to cope with getting acquainted with the car as well as traffic signs and driver habits.

But what if it does happen? What if you actually have a car accident? Then you should search and save on your speed dial: car accident attorney tampa to be sure you have it in hand at the right moment.

But stay safe and take all the precautions you can so such unpleasent accidents could be avoided because they can ruin your holiday in just a second.

Where are you planing on escaping once this pandemic is over?

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