The Qualities of a Great Beer

If you would have asked me a few years ago, if I’d like beer in general  I would have said no!

But as the saying goes, never say never, and so I’ve learned myself. You can’t say that you don’t like one thing if you haven’t tried it in more than 2-3 ways.

Same thing goes for beer. I’ve tried some, but not the kind I actually learned to like. Almost all beer made me feel bloated and I’d probably burp all day long after drinking so I gave up trying any other kind, not even craft beer.

This until I went out with a friend of mine that insisted on trying Guinness. I said I hated beer but then I saw another customer just getting his beer and it looked like creamy coffee, and I do love coffee, so I said: Ok, I want to have that! And then it begun. My love for Guinness beer started just at that moment. Nothing is created equal, not even beer. Some are really bad and some are great, especially craft beer like the ones produced at Melvin Brewing.

craft beer

But do we actually now what makes a good beer?

Even if you don’t have too much knowledge in brewing, you might be able to identify what is called a great beer by checking these 3 qualities.


This one is easy. Either you pick a blonde or dark beer, the color has to be consistent, and it needs to be clear. No impurities or other weird color shifting happening in your glass. This is the first thing you will probably see and it’s a quick check you can do just before drinking.

The next is the aroma

This is not the actual taste, but how it smells. Beer is made of mal most of the time so you will probably smell it just before tasting. It should smell a bit sweet so if you might feel something else, than it’s probably not the beer you will have at that point. If you are a beer drinker, you will surely know if it’s the right smell.

The actual taste

There are so many varieties of beer that you can’t actually make a list of what a good beer could actually taste like and what a bad beer is. But you can surely notice if what you are drinking is of good quality or not. As I said before it should feel creamy, a nice texture, sweet or maybe a bit bitter depending on the type of beer you picked. If it gives you a funny after taste, then you probably had a bad beer.

craft beer

Tips and tricks on how you can get to like beer

If you don’t like it simple, add some lemon juice to it. It’s a fun way to make yourself a refreshing drink for summer. Or maybe you prefer tequila along?

Make beer pretzels with it and enjoy a fun picnic in the park. You can cook so many interesting dishes with beer that you don’t have to actually drink it to enjoy it.

How about using beer instead of hair spray? It hold well and it smells like a party. Would you try it?

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