How to care for Curly Hair

Curly hair is a thing of beauty.  It can coil, curve bent and still manages to look good. These curves, however, are vulnerable to breakage. Luckily, there are several methods proven to work on maintaining and caring for this type of hair.

curly hair care

Conditioning your hair, is one of the most importantly known for caring for your curly hair. Since this type of hair tends to dry due to its strands and kinks.  Nourishing with curl specific conditioner will preserve your curly hair. Choosing your shampoo for this hair type is crucial. It is advisable to use a mild shampoo or rather a low-lather cleansing hair conditioner that will refresh your hair without removing its natural moisture and oils.  When your hair is wet, that is the perfect time to apply hair products. This will help absolve moisture, keep your curls thing, and shinny.

Applying a conditioner at the end of your curl ends will help your hair recover from a dry or dull phase.  Curly hair should be combed from the bottom up. Combing from the bottom up enables for gently de-tangle unlike compounding the hair towards the bottom. This will help you avoid yanking the hair.

Cock tailing; this is a method of mixing of different hair products to customize ones’ hair care regimen. While this method is good for most hair, one is advised to use compatible hair products, ones that would give your curls the necessary nourishment required. 

curly hair care

Refreshing your hair with a curling iron after they get Saggy and unruly is another way one can care for their curls. The iron in this situation should be about the same diameter as your curls.  This will give your curls the correct shape and curves.

If you have fine, curly strands, you might need to add a bit more structure to support certain hairstyles. In this case, you can benefit from using clip-in extensions for curly hair. This type of hair accessory adds volume or length to your curls if you’re going for those long and flowy hairstyles. Clip-in hair extensions are easy to apply at home. They’ll save you money from expensive trips to the salon just to have them applied. And since you’re not using heat or glue to put them on, you’re also giving your natural locks some love by not using harmful hair products. 

Another method is to regularly trim to avoid end splits. Split ends have no good impression whatsoever, not mentioning it makes your hair frizzy. For healthy, bouncy and fresh curls one has to have a quick trim; at intervals of six to eight weeks. It is advisable to visit your hairstylist for the trim.

With your fingers, detach your hair this is gentler to your hair, and in the process, you do not lose hair unlike in combing. Using cold water in shampoo and rinsing will swap those curls; this will make your hair shiner-reducing frizz.

curly hair care

Another method that has proven to work is skipping the daily shampoos. Unlike straight hair, this type of hair does not need daily Shampooing. This is because daily shampooing will straighten out weak strands; also, it might dry out thirsty curls.

A very important part of curly hair to make sure the drying is gentle. Protect your curls by avoiding using a towel to dry it. This frizzes your hair. Instead of using a dry towel, one is required to tilt their head forward and squeeze upwards gently to get rid of the excess water. Use a diffuser too. While drying your curls, make sure the blow dry you use reduces frizz by evenly distributing the heat. Drying should only be to remove the water. Let your hair dry naturally after removing the water.

While brushing your curls one is advised to use a wide-tooth comb to detangle. Never use a brush as this will break the weak curls. One could also use a pineapple trick to get more defined curls. The picking should be done before one goes to bed.  Minimize brushing too. This means brushing too aggressively will pull out the naturally curly hair. Stop combing your hair when it is dry, this will cause more damage to your curls, therefore comb when the hair is wet or moist to avoid breakages.

Keep your hair intake overnight. Keeping your curls intact, using pineapppling method. This is when you roll your hair on the top of your head then twist it into old clothing. The cloth should preferable be cotton.  This will reduce the friction and it will keep your curls neat when you sleep. You could also help avoid frizzy hair while sleeping by sleeping on a silk pillowcase. While it is wrong with frizzy hair, this frizz may lead to tangles and breakages by morning.  The silk pillowcase will help prevent hair from holding itself to the rough surfaces of the cotton pillowcase.  This will result in shiner, smoother, less –tangled hair in the morning.

Lastly, one should consider daily top knotting; this is a practice of gathering your hair into one bunch and tying with an elastic band. Grab your hair and separate it into two halves Wrap one around the basic bunch and tin it. Now birth the second section around the first bunch and secure it with a pin. Then gently use your fingers to give it full, rounded shape.

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