Why shopping for TOPSHOP shoes is a great idea


If you don’t own any TOPSHOp shoes by now, it’s time to get your first pair and then you will understand why you need these shoes in your life.

Three important motifs:

1.Affordable prices– They come in a wide range of prices to fit any budget. From faux leather to real leather in luxurious textures like snakeskin, crocodile or pony hair.

2. The big trends right off the runway. You will never go wrong if you buy your favorite pair from them because they are surely trending at that moment.

3.Good quality at low prices. Yes prices again because we all care about the value. We want the best value for the money and they surely provide that. These shoes will last you a lifetime if you care for them as you should.


But what to shop for?I hate taking decisions. I want to have them all! Right now.And a new closet because space is scarce…

Well, I will probably not get all of the but at least one of each:P


Laced up sandals are still favorites in the street style scene. Fashionistas will wear them with mostly anything because they are both edgy and elegant. Easy to mix and match! A perfect item to invest in, especially when the price is so good.

topshop lace up shoes

Studded Suede            Strap up Black           Red Laced up

Sexy ankle boots that look really awesome with both ripped jeans and elegant midi dresses during the cold season. Perfect for any season, and you know I would wear them with ripped shorts during summer too.

topshop shoes

Burgundy           Maroon           Snakeskin            Laced Heel           Chelsea

Right now, I would go for some knee high boots because these are my latest obsession. The elegant suede over the knee boots with a super comfortable block heel or the rock chic laced up combat boots?

I would say both because the price is very good and you will pull your hair out if you will buy only one of two.

topshop shoes

Beige            Patent Black                Bordeaux

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