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Get 4 Pairs and Try Them at Home

I think you never heard of this service before, because I surely haven’t until now.

The pretty awesome thing is that the offer this great service that could really help you buy sunglasses  and glasses online.

It’s a really tough decision because you could never know if it looks nice on you. I find it harder to shop online for sunglasses than for shoes or clothing in general.

sunglasses hut

But what is a Sunglasses hut? Well it’s the perfect place to find the latest designer sunglasses and eyeglasses. There are tons of different styles for both men and women and you could surely find something to suit you.

You might just pick 4 designs, try them on for 5 days and send the ones you don’t like back. How easy is that?

I think many other stores should do this. Don’t you?

I actually bought my Dior sunglasses online and didn’t have a problem with how they fit, but I would have been very disappointed if they wouldn’t have looked good on me.

This other Dior Frozen pair is also bought online, actually most of my sunglasses were ordered online:)) Somebody stop me!

You know that feeling when you buy online and you just get the package it’s like getting another present all over again, even if you paid for it :)) And then….They are not as expected…. But if you had 3 other pairs to choose from, everything would have been better right?

So what will you want to try on?

I would pick:

sunglasses hut

What would you go for?

Surely Aviator will not go out of style, but well, you should pick anything that looks good on you because style is all about being yourself and not about following trends!


burgundy hat dior sunglasses

Dior Tie Dye2 /Jeans: HM/ Hat: Here/ Cardigan and top: Here/ Watch: Michael Kors

sunglasses hut

Photo: Catalina Ioana Echim

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