Trendiest word in 2020 – Sustainable

We always want to know about the latest trends, what everyone is wearing, what the starts are opting for, but it’s time to focus more on some other kinds of trends.

Lifestyle trends should be our focus for the next years. By adopting new habits and getting rid of the old ones that don’t help improve our way of life.

Sustainable should be our favorite word for 2020. Whenever we take any action, buy something new or just consume things on a daily basis, we should ask ourselves how sustainable that is?

And where could we make the biggest change?

Sustainable energy for our houses. It’s a costly investment but you can easily “earn” everything back in a few years. Is it worth the hassle? Surely it is! If not on a short term, is is on the long term. Not only for you, but for the whole planet especially if you can convince some of your friends to join you on this sustainable journey. Either you go for solar panels or windmills, your house will not only look cool but it will also set a trend for more others that will follow your example. Douglas Healy has some really interesting opinions on this renewable energy production topic and we should at least take them into account.

How we eat and what we waste

From single use cutlery, plates and glasses to packages of food we choose to buy and not recycle. It’s easy to change this. First stop eating from plastic anything. Then if you really need disposable articles in your kitchen, opt for bamboo or anything else that could be biodegradable. When buying fresh fruits or vegetables, choose to take your own bags from home that you will use not only once. It might sound insignificant but it’s a big deal on the long term when you try to count how many bags you threw away before.

What clothes we buy and how often

Fast fashion is everywhere and you need to be able to balance everything the right way. Don’t buy much, but buy things that would last a long period of time, not just one season. Iconic items that would be easy to style in order to get them aligned with the latest fashion without needing to acquire new things again and again. Opt for sustainable fashion brands that care about the environment and their workers too.

We are electric

Yes, that popular song should indeed be taken into account when purchasing your next car. Sure, we don’t all have the money to just change our cars whenever, but if we do need or want to shift to something else, why not consider electric cars? They are constantly working on improving the lifespan of the batteries so probably in a few years they autonomy would be much longer and travelling long distances will not be such SF story.

Yes, being sustainable is a big deal but there are ways of making things work easier and from there on, it’s all a routine that we can also inspire others to take into their lifestyle for a cleaner, greener and less toxic world. Every little action counts, and we all matter. Will you start this today?

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