– Fashionable Finance Isuue? Jayhawk Advisors come to the rescue

 From feeling great about yourself, to making a statement or just proving that you “can”makes you try to pull off a fight on a daily basis.

When I say fight, I mean struggle with  staying fashionable, buying the latest collections , having that IT Bag that every fashionista has, getting pampered at the SPA with your Influencer friends or just getting all the latest gadgets because you need to align with the trends.

Society is very harsh when it comes to proving your social status and it’s very frustrating when trying to keep up with everything while you are ignoring the actual things that could make your soul happy. Money can buy comfort and could make your life more fun and easier, but it can’t buy actual happiness.

Are you over your budget?

The big issue comes when you can’t afford the lifestyle you want and not settling for the less you can provide, but in fact, you want more. This easily leads to going into debt just because you needed that Chanel Bag. Unfortunately there are many women, but not  only, in this situation. Still, do not despair because there are solutions.

You can easily fix this with a loan that offers fixed month payments with a much lower interest rate. There are several companies that offer this but Jayhawk Advisors have years of experience and they can ease the whole process for you.

Tips for avoiding spending too much

But you can always avoid going into debt if you would try to stay within you spending zone.

How to achieve this?

Here are some tips on how to stay fashionable, spend less on things you don’t need, to still be able to make a statement and don’t seem awkward into a society that wants you to want more and spend more.

Tips on shopping smart

If you need to stay in fashion, would try to make a list of things you need, a list with things you want and things you wish for. Prioritize them. Buy things you need when you need them, but be real about what you actually need and what not. Then check your budget and see what you can afford in terms of want. Want a new designer handbag? Try “Neiman Marcus Last Call” and get it on sale. You don’t need the latest collection to stay cool, and that bag is as good as the ones from the collection that just dropped down last week. That Wishlist? If it’s something really expensive, make a piggy bank and save for the item you want. Buy it when you have the money in cash whether it takes you 3 months or maybe a year if it’s really expensive.

For day to day fashion invest in high quality goods from the big retailers. Shop on sale and save up so much. For a pair of joggers, pajamas, basic T-shirts you don’t need high end designer goods. Focus on good fabrics, natural textures and designs you can wear for years.

If you want to make a statement be sure to focus on accessories. As I mentioned before, try to avoid a personal financial crisis by buying basic items on sale. If you want to splurge a bit, go for designer bags, shoes or accessories like hats, sunglasses, watches or jewelry. Save up for them and buy in cash. If you are tempted to use your credit card, it won’t be good.

Managing personal finance could be a hard thing to do but if you write everything down and you know where you stand, it can easily save up a lot or struggle to get back on track.

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