Unique, Personalized Jewelry

Kids’s doodles turned into jewelry items

From kids’s doodles, signatures to quotes and other special requests, Berna runs her Etsy shop by her own. From designing, to personally crafting each and every piece to sending the items out to clients, she does it all.

I stumbled upon her shop by accident while browsing Etsy, so I thought why not share my discovery with you. I asked her to answer some questions for me, so here they are.

personalized pendant letter pendants

1.How did you start this business? Was it a hobby first?
I started jewelry making back in 2010 as a hobby. Actually I am an attorney. I came to the US in 2008 for my ex husband’s pHd education and looking something to spend my time with. I decided to make and sell jewelry since I always love to create things for myself and my friends. I didn’t know that it will turn a full time job for me.

2. What materials do you prefer to use and why?
I prefer to use sterling silver and gold filled material since they are durable and my costumers would be able to wear them over years. Being anti allergic is another reason. I also like to use birthstones. Everybody can pick up their birthstones and to customize jewelry for themselves. Making custom jewelry is my favorite, my customers feedback make me more than happy always.

arrow necklace infinity sign personalized jewelry
3. Are all your designs done manually or do you use machines?
Some of my jewelry are 100% hand crafted. For some of them I use laser machine for the pendants, rest of them such as their chain etc. are hand attached by me.
4. Which was the most interesting order you had to work on?
I made some jewelry for a Broadway show. It was the most exciting project for me.
5. If you would have to wear only one jewelry item which would that be and why?
This is the one I always carry on me. It is the first child drawing necklace that I made. My 5.5 year old son draw it and I believe it brings good luck to me.
6. What are your future plans for your business?
I want to make more original designs and make my customers happy. I also want to reach more customers. Nowadays, I only sell online on ETSY. I wanted to open a shop in Turkey in a seaside small village in the future. This way I would be able to connect to my customers which come to Turkey as a visitor face to face.



7. Would you like to collaborate with another jewelry designer? If yes, who would that be?
I may collaborate with another designer if I believe that he/she would add something to my designs.
8. 3 Things people don’t know about jewelry.
I don’t recommend taking a shower with sterling silver jewelry. It may cause sterling to get tarnished. People usually don’t know that. All STERLING SILVER/ GOLD VERMEIL JEWELRY would TARNISH in time. It is natural process. The best way to prevent tarnishing is to store clean, dry sterling silver in a dry airtight container, like a ziplock bag.

9. An advice for people who don’t like to wear jewelry.
They should give jewelry a chance. They would like to carry a special jewelry especially custom ones with their children, moms, dads handwriting, drawing fingerprint etc.

I feel that personalized jewelry is the best gift you can ever send to a friend, mother, father or better half. It’s personal and yet very special,

Which were your favorite designs?

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