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Where to shop in Miami?


First time in Miami and of course first time shopping in the States.
Even if I love shopping and I have been to several other countries looking for treasures, nothing compares to shopping in the States.

I wasn’t prepared for this, because I couldn’t know what it would be like, but I thought it might just be helpful to make a short guide for persons that are going shopping in Miami for the first time.

Because recently I have been shopping mostly online, I find going through shops all day long tireding and a bit hectic. When I go online I know how to search and find the best price. Plus I can compare everything much more easily.

zac posen silver sandals

This guide is just from my point of view so you can just use it as a guideline for you own shopping experience.

Miami has it all, from cheap and chic to splurging luxury when it comes to fashion.
I found a small shop around the block that had everything starting from $5 a dress to $10-$15 a coat. You can surely dress for less if you know where and how to shop.

If you want designer pieces you need to start using your credit card because even if they are cheaper than in Europe they will not go really low. Surely you can also find perfect deals on the last pairs but they might not have your size either.

zac posen calvin klein

For really affordable shopping try Marshalls, Ross dress for less, TJ’Maxx, Burlington or Target.
They have a wide range of clothing items and accessories you will surely love. You can also find mid range designers like Calvin Klein, Betsey Johnson or Tommy Hilfiger.

If you want to spend a bit more but keep your budget safe, try some designer outlets. Neiman Marcus last call, Bloomingdales Outlet, Saaks Fifth off or Nordstrom rack are the shops you should be looking for. Even if they don’t have the latest collections on sale you can find really beautiful items at half the price. You can get yourself some designer goodies you’ve been wanting without feeling bad about spending too much.

Of course you can splurge much if your budget is high. Gucci, Prada, Dior and so many more are just waiting for you to be mesmerized about the new arrivals, but you can get them almost anywhere else, not just Miami.


calvin klein sandals guess

So what’s on your shopping list for the next trip to the US?

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