Vintage Shoes

Vintage is old but trendy


Oxfords, pointy slippers and chunky heeled brogues are the next big thing.

You know that fashion trends come and go so the same thing goes for vintage inspired items, and mainly shoes. From the classic oxfords, pointy slippers to chunky heeled brogues, they all have been top fashion trends at their time, but they are back again, more fashionable than ever.

If you take a closer look, most vintage shoes have a masculine touch to them. I personally don’t mind to wear masculine inspired shoes because in my opinion they are even more easier to be styled. From fancy dresses, to flare jumpsuits and office inspired business suits that would surely complete that vintage-masculine vibe.

What I love about the low heeled vintage shoes is that most of them have a cool adornment that makes up for anything else that might be lacking when it comes to the design. Studded details, embroideries or a very pointy toe. I personally don’t like wearing pointy toe shoes because because they make my feet look much bigger than they are and that’s not really the big problem, but I am also short, so I would look really weird.

If you are like me and you want a clean, comfortable yet edgy look, then try to focus on one item at a time and don’t overcrowd it. Either you pick a bag, some cool shoes or a piece of jewelry, try not to go for 2 or 3 of these choices.

Studded or embroidered flat shoes have everything you need: comfort and extravagance.


vintage shoes


studded pointy loafers

vintage shoes

If you are searching for more classic vintage shoes, try brogues. they can elevate your silhouette and still be comfortable because of the chunky heel structure. These would be ideal for a preppy cool look or something even more romantic.

Modern yet with an oldies but goldies vibe, the platform oxfords are super cool items you need to add to your existing wardrobe.

You can find some super cool designs on for really affordable prices.

vintage clogs vintage wedge shoes

vintage loafers


Vintage or not, statement shoes can make or break your outfits so pick wisely.


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